FAQ’S / Tips

This page is an attempt to answer some of the more frequently asked questions about the services and products we offer at Stevens Detailing. We understand that it may not answer your particular question, so if you do not find the answers you were looking for, please call us at (805) 223-3892 or email us HERE. Thank you for your interest in Stevens Detailing and the products and services we offer.

We offer 3 different services to meet each one of these needs.

  1. Protection
  2. Paint Enhancement plus Protection
  3. Paint Correction plus Protection

Let’s start with those of you looking for PROTECTION only: Our Level 1 detail is the perfect choice for those of you not needing nor desiring any polishing but want to simply protect your paint. Level 1 provides you with smooth paint and durable protection that last 1 year with proper maintenance.

Next, those of you looking for PAINT ENHANCEMENT and PROTECTION…. Our Level 2 detail is the perfect choice when you want to reduce swirl marks, drastically enhance your paints gloss and leave it with a nice, durable layer of protection.

Lastly, if you are looking for PAINT CORRECTION and PROTECTION….. Our Level 3 detail is the perfect choice when you want all the surface defects completely removed from your paint and then polished to a mind blowing shine. Pair this with industry leading protection to lock in the results.