Stevens Detailing is your source for auto detailing services and ceramic coatings. Located in Ventura CA, we’re a full-service, auto detailing shop, dedicated to “The Shine”. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a quick detail, mobile detail, or full-service ceramic coating, Stevens Detailing undoubtedly has you covered.

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Silver Ceramic Coating Package


Sedans – $900 | SUVs – $975 | Trucks – $1,050 | Oversized Vehicles – $Additional Costs

Silver Package Includes :

  • Paint Decontamination Wash + Clay Bar
  • Engine Bay Cleaned & Conditioned
  • Wheels Deep Cleaned
  • Tires/Undercarriage Cleaned & Conditioned
  • Trim Conditioned
  • One-Step Gloss Enhancement Polish
  • Apply Beadlock PRO Ceramic Paint Coating (3+ year protection)
  • Interior Vacuum & Quick Wipe Down